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Say "Hi" to our Champs!

Valued Contributor II
This community has grown a lot in about 6 months. We've got over 1000 members, and almost 50 Ruckus employees contributing, including some well known names (yes you GT..) and some great thought leaders like our CTO Bill Kish.

And that's led to almost 60,000 site visits in the last 6 months. So every post can help quite a few "lurkers" who see the threads even if they don't contribute.

But I'd really like to thank a few folks who have no real reason to contribute - other than a shared sense of community and the fact that they probably remember being on the other side. You'll see the word "Champ" under their avatar (icon) in posts. This is our way of recognizing that they've consistently demonstrated significant expertise, community spirit, and a willingness to help others.

I'll be introducing them individually in some more "Praise" posts in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, if you see them responding to one of your questions - a) don't be surprised and b) pay attention - they probably have some great insights!

And I also want to thank the rest of you. Other than some robotic spam, I haven't had to delete a single post since this site launched. That's an unprecedented level of professionalism and it's greatly appreciated!