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How to limit download size per user?

New Contributor

 Good day.

 We have a problem with our WiFi users by abusing our bandwidth with too high download of DATA. We have SAT10Mbps bandwidth only and ask our users to keep limit of 500MB/24h, but some users managing to download > 1.2GB/24h by slowing down WiFi speed for other colleagues.  :o(

 Is any way to limit download size let's say to 500MB/24h? Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

 Have a good day. Bye!

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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @whopper 
Current we do not have option to limit the user based on the usage limit.


Hello @whopper,

A good day to you!

We have Up-link/Down-link rate/speed limiting option available and can be achieved in the below 2 ways:-

  1. SSID Rate Limiting:-



  1. UTP (UserTaffic Profile) :-


    As of yet we do not have an option to limit based on the download Data size (in MB).

    Let me know if this helps answer your query.

    Sarita Shekhar | CCNA | CWNA
    Staff Technical Support Engineer,

 Good day Sarita,
 Thank you for answering, but it looks like both your suggested methods do not give a limitation oby DATA (in our case we want to limit user for 500MB per 24h)..
 "UTP user traffic profile" and "SSID Rate Limiting method" can limit speed (upload / download) only.. Or I'm wrong?
 Thanx one more time. Have a good day.

Hi @whopper 
Yes you are right, UTP and SSID Rate limit will only limit the speed and not the data size.
Also to be clear, UTP profiles are available in SZ\vSZ and not in Zone Director.

Your requirement can be achieved through Radius accounting with 802.1x auth.