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How to configure a second ZoneDIrector 1200 ip address?

New Contributor II
My boss asked me to set one more IP address in ZoneDirector 1200 (it would have two IP addresses, different subnets). I have not seen how to do this using the web interface. Is it possible for ZoneDIrector to have two IP addresses? How can I do this?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Antonio,

You can configure a management IP in Configure::System

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Typically this is for access to the GUI but if you use Smart Redundancy it will be a shared IP used by the Active Controller and will become tied to the new Active controller if there is a failover.

The Access Points should connect to the main IP address.

I hope this answers your question.

Thanks for using Ruckus Networks products - a Commscope company

New Contributor II
Thanks, Albert! 

Our ZoneDirector already has an IP address configured for management. The management IP address is the same as the users have to access to enter login name and password to use wifi network. ZoneDirector authenticate users on active directory server. If I change this IP address, the users will not be able to access the ZoneDirector website to gain access to the Internet through wi-fi network.

New Contributor II
An alternative for me would be to change all IP addresses of ZoneDirector units, APs, as well as the IP addresses that clients receive via DHCP. I have to change IP address of the firewall that separates wifi from my company's administrative network. 
I have a failover (two ZoneDirector). How do I change the IP addresses of both ZoneDirector without having too much trouble? Should I change the active unit IP address and management IP address? And then should I access and change the standby IP address? I worry about having difficulties with SmartRedundancy, certificates and communication with APs and wifi devices.