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How do I restore the default Ruckus logo for Web portals on a ZD1112?

New Contributor II
I uploaded my own logo and now I want to switch back to the Ruckus (dog) logo that was configured from the factory, but I don't succeed.

Hi Guy
I think you should back up your config
Reset the ZD to factory default and restore back upded config.
If not try to domwnload an other ruckus Logo and upload it instead of your logo

New Contributor II
That is exactly what I did - I downloaded this logo:
Uploaded it to the ZD and clicked "Apply", but after I refresh it keeps reverting to the previous logo. It's frustrating!

Did you try to use another browser? To check the page?

New Contributor II
I was away from my machine for a while and when I checked the WLAN configuration page again (with same browser though), the ZD accepted the Ruckus logo I downloaded from somewhere.
Anyhow, just out of curiosity, what is the OFFICIAL way to restore the default logo?