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How do I remove an AP that was replaced under warranty from the zone director? It shows up disconnected but I cant find a way to remove it.

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Configure :: Access Points

Mark the AP in a check box adn click "delete"

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Does this pic help?
The delete button is greyed out until you put a tick against an AP in left hand column.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40b135b77e2479314f9_561bb545ff5744cba83a35aba207c693_deleteAP_inline-0067f18b-3ead-49cd-a952-9c2a9223edea-240037333.jpg1387451322

Pictures are always worth 1000 words - thx Max!

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Don't want to start a new topic since my customer's problem is almost the same.

My customer has a ZD1000 running on 9.0 firmware. Monitor>Access Points lists 8 access points but 3 of them are not available on Configuration>Access Points. We need to delete them in order to reprovision those 3 APs to the ZD (customer thought the APs had a problem and also the APs will now be using a different IP). The APs got reprovisioned if we connect it to the network but I think it was not properly done since, like I mentioned, the APs are not available on the Configuration page. When I checked the ZD via CLI, it only lists the 5 APs that we can manage and configure on the GUI.

I asked the customer to schedule a window time for rebooting the ZD and also upgrade the firmware to the latest available firmware for ZD1000. My question is, was this a known bug on 9.0 firmware? Will rebooting the ZD alone fix this issue?