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How can Operators set they own Password?

New Contributor II
Is there a way for operators admin to change the password they use to access zonedirector?

Valued Contributor
To let a ZD user change password I think you'd have to assign "super adminmistrator" to their profile.

My guess is this is not what you want to do!

To let operators do this you'd have to request this as a feature enhancement.

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New Contributor III
Can we use this for our team members, that are administrators to keep track of who made any changes to the ZD. We have 4 team members on our IT staff that now use the default admin login. I would like to give each their own login to the Zd to make changes. Any examples would be great.

Valued Contributor
Perhaps you do want to do this!

create an admin group (giving it certain privileges or not)
create a user and assign them to the admin group

admin group setting below (remember that super admins can do anything including mess your system up - been warned).

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40e135b77e24793ea69_b7632fd89872bddb734d1b5bf5403bb3_ZDroles01_inline-051c228e-e458-459c-8742-b2c61fd5cd07-1662648898.jpg1404467412

create your admin user and choose password then add the role of the newly created admin group.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40e135b77e24793ea69_c17087d50cddd1675a76eb4aae8d1097_ZDusers01_inline-1052a5d5-ee4c-4a80-8820-3838f46e1171-31457775.jpg1404467531

Valued Contributor
They can change their own passwords now should they wish but could also change yours and lock you out!
So be absolutely certain you want them to be on same privileges as you.

Complex passwords and making backup configs are de rigeur.