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Hotspot login script http://ZD_:IP:9997/login - WHY hardcoded 3000ms delay with javascript

New Contributor

After successful hotspot authentication, user is redirected to start page. Before seeing start page ZD opens blank page for 3 seconds and then start page is opened.

This blank page looks very bad from user experience perspective.

My question is, how can I modify javascript function redirect_to target() of file on URL http://ZD_IP:9997/login to decrease the delay or get rid the it all together?

Thank you.

Best regards, Bojan

New Contributor III
Hi Bojan,

We have been struggling with this issue too but unfortunately never got a solution from Ruckus. We decided to ask our developer to script the refresh and to show the followup page before the 3-second redirect takes place.

Would be great if Ruckus would change this at some point..

Best regards,

Bas Sanders

New Contributor
Hello, Bas!

Can you explain how exactly did he do that. 

Thank you.

BR, Bojan