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Honeywell 99GX barcoders locking up when connected to a Ruckus Wireless network...Why?

New Contributor
I have a ZD1125 controlling multiple ZF7982 and ZF7762 AP's. The latest FW 9.7 is installed. Every other client device works fine. The Honeywell 99GX barcoders connect to the WLAN and after a short time they lockup.

I have blocked the MAC address of the 99GX on the ZD. Restarted the 99GX and it boots up and functions properly. Unblock the MAC and it locks up within 5-30 seconds.

The worse thing is the 99GX works fine on older wifi networks.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Valued Contributor II
Hello Raymond Baj,

First look at logs in ZD at the time of lock-up, this will tell why it is happening and take corrective action based on that.

Make sure Honeywell 99GX barcoders drivers are up-to date.

Try using 802.11a on the device, things would get better if it is interference related.

Lockup usually happens because of below situations:

If AP is changing channels then at times they fail to reconnect back to AP. Just check logs on ZD GUI and if you find that AP is changing channel then fix the channel on the AP for a quick test.

it could be encryption related primarily due to rekeying not being handled correctly by either devices so start with open SSID with no ecryption. If no lock up seen then go to next level security option and test.

hope this helps.

New Contributor

I have the some problem!

have you solved this issue? thanks

Gian Luca