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Hi, currently we are using ZD1150 which already end of life and were planning to buy new one which is ZD1205. Can ZD1150 & ZD1205 co exist?

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Hi, we are currently using ZD1150 which already end of life and were planning to buy new one which is ZD1205 model. Can ZD1150 and ZD1205 co exist?If yes how can they collaborate and became one management control that manage the guest access?And also can the ZD1205 can manage our ZF7363 which our existing AP

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Yes they can coexist but big gotcha regarding firmware incompatibilities! Careful.

ZF7363 EOF and ZD1100 EOF last firmware that supports both of them is 11
ZD1200 are supported for newer firmware and newer APs.

You have to remain on lowest common denominator.

Until you remove ZD1100 and swap 7363 for newer APs that's where you will remain. This is fine but over time you will miss any enhancements or useability features that are added to newer firmware.


If you apply a newer firmware on the  ZD1200 you would lose your zf7363 because your controller and APs would be on different firmware revisions (which does not work). This is intended behaviour.

Controllers always upgrade their APs to same firmware as themselves if they can't then the APs drop out of control.

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Can ZD1200 and ZD1100 can integrate to one another to become one management console for handling Guest Access generation?So it possible there were primary and secondary ZD?

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What features did we miss out on our current ZD1100 since we last update it since 2013?

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features, bug fixes, compatibilities, functionality...I'm not going to detail everything that is in firmware release notes from last 3 years.

Upgrades need thinking about before jumping because they can have unintended consequences and that's your responsibility to plan ahead and avoid. Might take a few hours but look at release notes for applicable firmwares and decide if all those things are relevant, useful or desirable then decide.


1. Stick with present ZD11/7363 and move to highest firmware (after careful consideration) that both support - You will get some fixes, features, enhancements but not latest and greatest.

2. Buy ZD12 for better control and faster reporting but accept limitations imposed by EOF 7363. Upgrade to firmware as in 1 will give benefits.

3. Wait until you can afford to replace both ZD and APs. Save your money for now and plan sensibly for future upgrade.

Any solution that purchases a ZD12 but trys to include the old ZD11 in the mix is over complicating your upgrade. You are already limited by your older EOF 7363APs as to firmware you can upgrade to anyway.

A ZD1200 will handle your present load much better than ZD11. It is a far more capable device than the ZD11. If your present client load/guest generation is approaching limits on ZD11 then the ZD12 will make everything much smoother.