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Guest users must insert Guest pass in web browser daily

New Contributor
Hi, I did deployment of ZoneDirector 1100 with two WLANS. 1st Network is only for internal corporate use and 2nd is "Guest" network. But when users connect to Guest Network, we have insert Guest Pass daily. How I can fix this issue?

Another question is instead this method, exchange authentication by user/pass which are created in local database of ZoneDirector. It's possible? Or local user can be used only for generate Guest Pass? For this, I should mandatorily modify the Guest Wlan and clear "Guest" option in this network?


Esteemed Contributor II
Depending on your ZD firmware version, look under your Guest WLAN's advanced options for Grace Period and Inactivity Timeout, which allow you to manage this.

Esteemed Contributor II
To your second question, yes the ZD's local database can be used for 802.1x AAA authentication of username/password instead of Guest Pass. 

The details on WLAN, Role, and User definition can be found in KBA-4765.  (that I just wrote and
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