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Guest WLAN

New Contributor
I'm struggling to setup a guest SSID on our Ruckus ZoneDirector 1100 running v9. I have got as far as having an open guest SSID which when connected, prompts the user to accept the T&Cs without requiring authentication but never actually redirects to the internet. I have setup WPAD on our internal DHCP/DNS which points all external traffic via our externally provided proxy. This appears to work correctly in that clients connecting to the normal security enabled SSID are correctly routed. I suspect the issue lies with the fact that our internal network and proxy are on different networks but I am stuck. Attached is a capture of the guest ACL rules setup on the ZoneDirector. Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e5135b77e2478d07e0_6d42f000aa979f1891ec6d713cd6cdd1_Capture_inline-167b04f7-2ade-4d31-ace5-61e881b0bf3a-1118886603.PNG1380834409