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Greater Customization of Portal Pages.

New Contributor
Hey All,

I work at a school, we are trying to promote BYOD at present. I am looking at using the zero IT stuff to get this done. However there is one point that my initial testing has raised as a concern.

The login and setup pages contain quite a bit of information which is pretty redundant for our users. Stuff like the SSID and the type of encryption will confuse our users, I fear that they will find it too difficult an simply give up.

So the obvious fix is to edit the pages to suit our situation, unfortunately it doesn't appear that this is possible. Seems a real shame as the zero IT appears to be a great solution, just let down by this simple problem.

I see the question has been posted before with the answer being use a third party solution, which is why I would like to put this in as a feature request (is this the right place if not is there a link to do so?)

Anyway I really like the Ruckus kit it really does the job (came from Aruba).

any help suggestions gratefully received.