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Gracefully shut down APs ?

Is there a setting in the ZoneDirector to tell an AP to move all clients to neighbor APs?
I would like to shut one AP down, but without interrupting the clients where possible.

If not, I could turn the radio of that AP to low, hoping the clients will jump to other APs, but that sounds a bit funny.

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We need more motivated clients.. Image_ images_messages_5f91c419135b77e247963a6a_603cb52fd332dfd1856b1235971596b6_tonyrobbins_inline-4a9360ad-f05e-43e7-b6f5-de20a2d968f9-397594630.jpg1389888890

or gullible would be nice...

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re: "no widely supported way":

I recall having a standalone AP that was continually detecting interference and changing channels.
The impact on end users was that they said connectivity was "slow".
(It was the only ruckus in the building at the time and clients didn't switch to a non-ruckus AP, they always stuck w/ the Ruckus when it appeared on another channel)

I *thought* (but have no Idea where I might have heard) that when a Ruckus AP detects interference and decides to do a channel-change, it did something to alert associated clients and let them know what channel it was changing to.
Did I completely imagine that?
Or... Is this a message that the majority of wireless clients would not understand?

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802.11h standard covers notification to clients.  Intel Proset seem to have had some problems with these over the years, but it looks like very latest driver updates are taking care of it.

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OK... Can you confirm that the notification tells the client what channel to meet the AP on or is it more of a "go away" message?