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Give flashing LED option to APs

Valued Contributor
I would like to see a flashing option for LEDs on APs to help find them faster when users either don't document their location or they don't document it correctly.

Maybe there could be an additional button in the Monitor :: APs menu next to SpeedFlex and those other buttons there.

What you have to do now is unplug each AP and wait for it to be registered as disconnected in the ZD GUI.

I'm thinking something more like adding a "blink all the LEDs" button here:Image_ images_messages_5f91c43e135b77e2479dc6cb_2890dd2f796c8784700a5a1448d63329_RackMultipart20180601822271oci-04f30986-456b-40f6-8c6e-1da63d7bd8ab-971291815.png1527882938

New Contributor
The LED colors can be changed (general notification color, charging color, battery full color) and some apps allow you to change that app's notification color. But I haven't seen aything that allows you to change the speed.

Where do you change the color?  Where is there a battery in the AP?  What "apps" are these?

Esteemed Contributor II
Nate isn't talking about APs, which can only have the Status LEDs turned on/off like Abilash stated.