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Give flashing LED option to APs

Valued Contributor
I would like to see a flashing option for LEDs on APs to help find them faster when users either don't document their location or they don't document it correctly.

Maybe there could be an additional button in the Monitor :: APs menu next to SpeedFlex and those other buttons there.

What you have to do now is unplug each AP and wait for it to be registered as disconnected in the ZD GUI.

New Contributor III
very good idea! We too have many many AP's connected at unreachable places. We now use our fluke analyser to see which is the AP we are standing near to, but being able to blink less would make it so much easier!

New Contributor
Great idea, I'm searching the kbase now seeing if this is possible. I'm amazed that some don't understand why this would be a great feature, but perhaps they don't manage waps across multiple locations. Being able to flash the display lights, or turn them off (a very few models allow this) to help ID the mounted AP 30' up in the air is a must have feature.

New Contributor
When we undergo major renovations (which happens every year here) we invariably end up handing a stack of APs to an electrical contractor who doesn't bother to record where they put the APs or even which drops go to which locations. When an AP is 4-5m in the air, it's rather difficult to flip it over and read the MAC. 

All-in on this idea, should be a button right in the row of other buttons.  I have them on the floor next to my desk and I'd still like the "blinky-blink" option.  Literally every server and piece of networking gear I have outside of Ruckus has an "Identify" LED option.

Hi All,

There is an option to disable Status LED on the AP when it is managed by ZD or vSZ. This option can be used to identify the AP.

In ZD, AP>>Edit AP>> Model Specific Control.

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Hope it helps.

Thank you.

Abilash PR.