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Give device priority per OS type

New Contributor III
hi all,

Is it possible to give device priority per OS type? i need to give priority for mobile devices ios and android phones and tablets.


Valued Contributor
On configure WLAN tab you can assign a basic high/low priority (not certain what ramifications it has except the basic explanation that one WLANs traffic would be favoured over anothers).

But you would have had to have already created WLANs by OS type and populate them by giving out separate details to the users.
iOS users would be told use iOS WLAN and given appropriate key/passphrase.
Android users would be given ANDROID WLAN and appropriate info.
It's far from ideal, not granular and probably not what you want!

Don't think Ruckus per se will sort and segregate by OS. Interesting idea, how would it help you in your environment?

Maybe someone else can come up with a workaround.

New Contributor III

thanks for the answer.

we have big network , with about 70 APs, internet speed is about 10 mbps, windows, linux and mac laptops are using this traffic mostly. android and IOS devices need much less traffic, in most cases they are used for social networking, voip and e-mail. so i need to give priority to mobile devices per OS.

i know that i can use rate limit, or use solution as you wrote, But i think this will be a good feature for ruckus APs.