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Force zone director to show all AP's by default instead of 1-15

New Contributor II
Is there a way to have zone director show all the AP's that are managed instead of constantly having to click show more?  We manage hundreds of AP's and it is one of the most frustrating things to have to do.  Sure there is a seach feature but just not having to click that stupid button would make life so much easier.

I completely agree -- in very well designed Interface (actually best you find in Wi-Fi products on market) this is one of the frustrating things which have just to be fixed. It is probably historical legacy from the very beginning of Ruckus, when most system had less than 15 APs. Now Ruckus is grown up, and needs to fix it...

It would also be good to be able to see APs by AP group. It is not difficult to implement, obviously.

Valued Contributor
Yes, using the button is a minor irritant (even remembering the setting after refresh would be an improvement).

Quote Sean: "I'm sure I can speak for the overwhelming majority of IT professionals when I tell you that noone is looking at zone director all day long..."

I guess I'm not professional enough! I keep a chrome tab loaded with ZD dash all day long and often check everything is healthy, who's using what, where and how. I like to know what is going on "my" network.
AP groups are available in the dashboard (does that count as a workaround or is switching between tabs just as bad)?

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