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Force zone director to show all AP's by default instead of 1-15

New Contributor II
Is there a way to have zone director show all the AP's that are managed instead of constantly having to click show more?  We manage hundreds of AP's and it is one of the most frustrating things to have to do.  Sure there is a seach feature but just not having to click that stupid button would make life so much easier.

Valued Contributor II
I agree that it would be a great feature. It would be also nice to be able to display APs by groups.
Same goes for vSCG (which also lacks sorting in any monitoring window -- which is ZD benefit).

Esteemed Contributor II
The Monitor/Access Points page will not keep the Show More setting if you leave and come back, that's true.

The option to increase visible AP count by 15 is to accommodate different screen display sizes.

Search option may help if you use common location names across AP groups.

My perhaps useful thought, is to keep a screen/session dedicated to your Monitor Access Points page
with the expanded AP list details.

New Contributor II
Sorry to sound harsh, but that is not a solution.  Not really even a workaround.  Additionally, the definition of "option" assumes that there is more than one way to do something.  Thus the "option".  Zone Director doesn't give me an option.  I don't have a problem with screen display size and so I have to suffer with this "option" to make something frustrating.  I'm sure I can speak for the overwhelming majority of IT professionals when I tell you that noone is looking at zone director all day long, so keeping a screen open for it IS a workaround but not nearly the answer.  If there is some place we can send feature requests, then please direct me there so that I can formally complain to the right people.  Again, not trying to bite your head off, just ranting on something that could be fixed with a few lines of web code.  I was a web developer in my previous life so maybe that's why I'm so easily angered by these types of interface choices that developers make.

Hi Sean,
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