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Flashing a zd1112 at 9.1.2 build 8 to support 7352 AP need firmware for both? Thanks

New Contributor
Hello, I have a ZD1112 and am told I need to upgrade the firmware to support some new 7352. My question is which firmware do I use (and how do I get it), and they also said that we would need to flash the 7352 as well, the ZD 1112 is currently at 9.1.2 build 8. Thanks in advance for any help -

Valued Contributor II
Hi Gary,

The 7352 requires 9.6.0 or higher (9.6.1 is the latest and recommended). The ZD won't successfully upgrade from the version you are currently on to 9.6.1 without going through intermediate steps.

The KB article detailing the upgrade path you take is here:

The good news is the ZD will automatically upgrade the 7352 for you once it has the proper version.

Since you have a partner (rwbigdog) account, go ahead and log into the partner portal and follow the signs to Support. You'll be able to download via that path.

Hi Gary,

You will need the ZD to be on atleast to manage the ZF 7352s as they are only supported from 9.5.1. There is an upgrade path that has to be followed which is as follows: >> >> >>

Once the ZD is on 9.5.1, only then you should connect the ZF 7352s to your network. Also, you can get all these files from our Support site.