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Feature Request: Generate Guest Pass Keys for network with self service enabled

New Contributor III
I was trying to configure a wlan, which had self service enabled so that my help desk could simply create a guestpass for someone either in advance or who wasn't able to access their email when our ZD sent out their guestpass key. I contacted support as I was unable to accomplish this. After a few tries, himself, he then excused himself and came back to our call stating that not being able to do this was "by design". 

Is it possible to enable this?

I would think more organizations would want this capability...

Contributor II

 If you have "self-service" enabled under Guest WLAN then you can’t pre-generate guest passes as it defeats the purpose of “self-service”. The sole purpose of self-service is that guests should be able to connect to guest WLAN by themselves after providing some information about them. 

 In self-service Guest WLAN, by default, the guest passes are displayed on users’ device screen itself. So, guests don't need to check their email or wait for SMS. 

Of course, you have the option to force the guests to provide you a valid email ID or phone number by changing the “Notification Method” from “On Device Screen” to “Email or Mobile”.

 If you want to pre-generate guest passes and hand it over to guests then don’t enable ‘self-service’.

I disagree wholeheartedly that it 'defeats the purpose'. As a eudcation-sector customer and someone who has recommended your products to university-level institutions, where thousands of APs are to be deployed, I find your attitude toward this request to be off-putting at best and, to be frank, disrespectful.

I, obviously, am aware that Ruckus does not support this behavior, my post was titled "Feature Request". It isn't necessary to repeat back to me what I already know, especially with the added flair that I can do one or the other. The point of this post is to request that I be able to do both. Because you don't understand/disagree with our use-case, does not make it irrelevant.

My goal is to have as few SSIDs as possible to reduce confusion for our users. Simply having an SSID for pre-generated guestpasses and an SSID for self-service guestpasses makes little sense to me and even less to someone who just wants online and can't make it happen. 

Hi Garrett,

First of all, if my response offended you by any means, I apologize. I am trying to help; not to disrespect anyone.

 The point I tried to make is that since the guest WLAN is enabled for self-service the guests should be able to connect to guest WLAN without anyone else’s intervention. Admin generated guest passes have been available in Ruckus products for a long time. So, if you simply uncheck the self-service then you can have your guest administrator/receptionist could generate guest passes and provide it to guests.

 That said, both, admin generated and self-service generated guest passes are available already. It is "either, or" scenario. Looks like you want "and" scenario. 

 You are right. Perhaps, I don’t understand your use case or the pain point you have. How about jumping on a call? I could reach out to you offline if you would like to talk to me. Pl let me know.

That would be great! Please do.