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How long does normally take to answer questions regarding renewals of service contracts? Send an email 1 and a half weeks ago but still no answer...

I know which hotel actually, but the device was taken from a hotel that went bankrupt and put on eBay. So I guess that is a dead end. So I'm out of options here?

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No... If you buy anything, like one more AP, with support, you will have access to ZD1200 firmware updates too.
Factory default them, load new code, admin passwords, and new configurations, and you're in business!

Hi Michael, thanks for your reply. So the story is slightly different. My devices are not RMA, but in order to get support for the device which currently has a support contract I need the original invoice. Why is that? What about the second device, since it's not registered, can it be registered under my name? What are my options with that device? Thanks!