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Does anyone have help me, how to check controller details and availabilities in ZF 7373 trough GUI or command.

New Contributor
I am unable to check controller details and availabilities in ZF 7373.

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Your question is a little confusing. Can you re-state the problem you're trying to solve? Do you have a controller or are you referring to the access point?


New Contributor
I have Zone Director 1000 with 6 ZF 7373 Access Points, my question is

1-ZD1000 is a controller? or ZF 7373 with controller inside?
2- When I click ruckus wireless connection properties ,security and click the show characters tab, it is showing my ruckus network key password in window 7 & 8, I want to disable password & not visible anyone my ruckus wireless access key password , attached image.

Please replay anyone for the same issue and how to resolve it.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c40c135b77e247934caa_644dc911def289656d930232d80184b7_RuckusIssue_inline-43f07b0b-9d88-44dc-a73f-2dece0cfddd7-550330611.png1391746032

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Just thought/suggestions :
Do your users log in with administrative privileges? This would let you reveal the key on win7.
So possible solution is to reduce log in privileges to user.

Or authenticate clients by MAC address as well so that even if a user knew the wireless key only certain machines could connect (clumsy but it would work).

Group Policy to lock down network icon behaviour in Win7?
Group policy to lock down wireless settings?

Others can fill in the blanks I hope!

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Have searched a little on web and it's a common problem if you give users admin rights (so don't)!

There is a GPO suggestion I found on a technet forum but I don't use it and am not endorsing it in any way so no direct link. Bit of a sledgehammer job.
Google "How to Disable function "Show Character" in wireless connection" should get you there.

Still think others must have a cleaner way.