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Disable 2.4 on single SSID

I feel like this should be easier, and something in the WLAN config, but I'm not seeing it.

On one SSID I need to completely disable the 2.4GHz band. I already have a WLAN group called "no 2.4" that I use to reduce the number of APs running 2.4GHz to avoid overlap (it's a dense deployment). That works fine to fully disable the band. I just add an AP to that group, and the override in that group simply disables the 2.4 radio.

How do I now globally disable 2.4 JUST FOR ONE SSID?

This is a setup using a ZD-1200 on 10.2.

Kind of a mess because I have other groupings going on here, but in the WLAN config, I have two groups of interest, the "Default" group and the "Fuze no 2.4" group. "Fuze" is the SSID where I do not want 2.4 enabled. "Default" includes the SSID where I want 2.4 disabled, and "Fuze no 2.4" does not include the Fuze SSID:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c496135b77e247afef8d_aceb378780bb4acb321d0b95c415d5cc_RackMultipart2020020642206rusn-76e7eaa0-6920-4322-a003-0a9c6ef1885f-101686820.png1580970224

Image_ images_messages_5f91c496135b77e247afef8d_e6e5ea44a67f29fd3368e05824667eaa_RackMultipart20200206429955j5x-f23f400a-1eea-4a8f-b852-fa19deea3604-996981646.png1580970300

There's not much to set in these groups, just really a list of WLANs.

In the "APs" section, that's where we do things and since I already have a general "no 2.4GHz at all" group which has some APs in it to avoid overlap and such, these two groups are the only real configs of interest here:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c496135b77e247afef8d_9abaf7f2c7790fba937380984de3d289_RackMultipart202002063608718iq-8d35b703-28bc-4e62-87b1-b64397c6cee7-363800794.png1580970665

Image_ images_messages_5f91c496135b77e247afef8d_95b4a5a260c15f2c165e7151706f9390_RackMultipart202002061065511b6-cd690afc-d48b-42e7-abf6-dab97d0a97cd-1158874265.png1580970757

Every AP (ignore my "guest group") is in either in the "disable 2.4GHz" group, so it wasn't enabled for the Fuze SSID in the first place, and the "Fuze Disable 2.4GHz" group contains the rest of the APs. In the config for the "Fuze Disable 2.4GHz" AP group, I have the "Fuze no 2.4" WLAN group selected, so those APs only have the SSIDs in the "Fuze no 2.4" group enabled.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c496135b77e247afef8d_30aa32d5f821e69f665d4091518e1fb6_RackMultipart2020020650231g0nb-68798656-deb3-4633-8ed8-339b3bbc47e9-1220257512.png1580971145

Make sense? It's kind of backwards. This whole system is kind of a pain and not very intuitive.

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