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Difference location AP's connectivity at central location WLC.

New Contributor II

We want to add Ruckus AP on ZD1200 from head office to branch office. The WLC (ZD1200) setup on head office some AP's are setup at branch office. Now we want to control all AP's from head office WLC. 


New Contributor III

Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for contacting Ruckus. Yes, you can manage the APs which are in a branch office and the WLC in the Head Office.

You can follow the below steps to connect your remote APs to the WLC:

Step 1) Identify publicly addressable IP addresses that are available to use on your network Firewall.
Step 2) Create a custom service group on your Firewall specifically for your ZoneDirector to be able to talk to the internet. 
As listed the required is needed: (source port is 0-65535)
Port 22 TCP
Port 12222 UDP
Port 12223 UDP
Port 21 TCP
Port 443 TCP
Step 3) On your Firewall, configure a MIP (Mapped IP) on the interface (publicly addressable IP address) to the private IP address of the ZoneDirector.
Step 4) Return to your policy list on your Firewall. Create the policy within your internet connection to your privately addressable space. In this case: Untrust-B to Trust-B. 
Step 5) Create a new policy on your Firewall and for service ports use your custom service group defined in Step #2 and turn on logging. (See attached image)
Step 6) SSH to the required access point, login and run the following command:
“ set director ip x.x.x.x “ hit enter (x.x.x.x is where you input your publicly addressable IP address)
Step 7) After the AP reboots it should go out through its current internet connection and communicate with the publically addressable IP based on the MIP that we had provisioned in Step #3. Check logging to ensure communication to the ZoneDirector at your central location is passing the traffic. No additional Firewall setup or configuration is needed at the “branch” locations as the traffic is routed out across the internet.
Please let me know if you have any issues.

New Contributor II

We are use Mikrotik Router on both side. Please based on Mikrotik Router can you suggest me about configuration.


We do not have any documentation for configuration on Mikrotik Router hence this needs to be addressed by Mikrotik support team as this is general configuration on the vendor device.  Additionally you can configure below parameter on AP side "DHCP server" that will save you the time from manually assigning ZD's IP on each AP's. 

Best Regards


Contributor III

Although ZDs will sometimes work for scenarios like yours, the controller is not designed for managing remote APs and the results are usually hit and miss.  The latency of the connection to the remote office will govern success or failure.  Unless latency is consistently sub 50ms, you will encounter heartbeat lost warnings and AP disconnects.  Ruckus Cloud, SmartZone, and Unleashed Multi-site manager are designed to handle remote offices connected via the internet and would be much more reliable choices.