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DPSK suspension option

New Contributor III
We would like an option to suspend DPSKs instead of delete, usually for non-payment. Currently we block MAC address associated with that DPSK, but that is in effect for all WLANs. We would prefer to block only on the subscription WLAN that uses DPSK, but still allow them to use the restricted Guest WLAN until payment resolved.

Currently, we deal with this type of issue by:

1) Delete the DPSK belonging to the user.

2) Add the MAC address to a L2/MAC Access control list which is banned from the "JOIN" network. (All users usually have access to this network to obtain a DPSK).

3) That forces the user onto out GUEST network (which they have to pay for) and that network offers them the chance to "unblock" themselves, by forwarding them to

4) By comparing entries on the banned L2/MAC Access Control list with the generated DPSKs we can see when a user has paid for their access, generated a DPSK and we delete their MAC address from the Access Control List.

A little "bitsy", but it works nicely and without too much interference from us.