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New Contributor

Hello All -


I need to know the answer to this.


You are running Ruckus ZoneDirector and are using it to manage your ruckus WAPs. And you have a separate DHCP server handing out IPs.


Then your company tells you to make a new DHCP server, and make the change in Ruckus so now the new DHCP server is handing out IPs.


Some users are coming to you saying they don't have internet access.


When investigating in Ruckus you see that there's about about 15 pairs of devices that share the same IP. So there's an IP conflict going on. When telling the users to manually pick a different IP on their device they have internet.


It appears in that Ruckus is binding the IP from the previous DHCP server with the MAC address of the devices that were connected to the old server for the lease time assigned by the DHCP server. Is this thought accurate or are the devices retaining the IP from the previous DHCP server for the 24h lease time on their own?


I'm trying to understand if there's something in Ruckus that can be done to prevent an IP conflict when changing DHCP servers. Or is this strictly something that should be done on the DHCP server.

What is the proper way to change DHCP servers?

Is there a way to clear the IP address binding before switching DHCP servers in Ruckus? Does Ruckus even bind Mac address with IP address? I know there's a command to run that shows binding.



Thank you looking forward to hearing your thoughts and answers.