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Creating several network interfaces on ZD1200

New Contributor II
Hi everyone,

I would like to know how to tag a VLAN (802.1q) on the port of my ZD1200.

To take an example : i have two SSIDs (one in access 30 and an other one in access 50). Is it possible to tag my ZD1200 port with 802.1q in vlan ID 30 & vlan ID 50.

I did not find any answer in the User Guide.

Thank for all of your answers !

Contributor II
You're overthinking it!

First of all, Ruckus's default mode of operation is 'local breakout'.  User traffic goes straight out of the AP to the attached switch, it doesn't go via the controller.  In this case, just make sure the switchports attached to the APs are configured with tagged VLANs 30 and VLAN 50.

If you want the user traffic to go out to the network only via the ZD (which is the 'traditional' way of doing things by the competition), then you need to enable 'Tunnel Mode' on the SSIDs.  When you do this, the AP first sends the use traffic to the ZD via the AP management LWAPP tunnel, the ZD decapsulates it and puts it back out to the network with the VLAN tag (Tag 30 or Tag 50).  In this case, just make sure the switchport attached to the ZD is tagged, there's no interface to create on the ZD/AP.

Thank you very much for you answer !