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Corporate Wireless with certificate installed on devices

New Contributor III
I need to configure our Ruckus 3025 to serve corporate clients and am looking for a guide on how to install a certificate on the controller to verify the authenticity of the clients connecting and then to authenticate the users by their logon name, finally assigning them an IP range suitable to their division

We have one zone director and many sites - so need the remote sites to be able to break out locally for local traffic.

I am sure this is quite straightforward and there should be some deployment guides somewhere but I can find them on the main site.



Valued Contributor
You will not be able to do it this way.

You can upload a certificate to the ZD, but that's to validate ZDs login page, not to verify user credentials.

You will need to employ some servers to do that. You'll need to input the server data in the Configure :: AAA settings and then use that on the particular WLANs you will broadcast.