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Chromecast lagging

Hello, we have noticed a lot of lagging on our Chromecast using 2.4Ghz. There is quite a lot of interference in this band but the Chromecast is only 2.4Gz compatible so I cannot move it to 5Ghz.
I have just created a new (2.4Ghz) SSID dedicated to the Chromecast traffic only and it seems to have improved performance a lot.
Can someone please explain how simply creating a new 2.4Ghz SSID only for Chromecast traffic would have improved things ? I would like to understand the technical details.
Thank you.

New Contributor III
Hi Philip,
It is a good design practice on Wifi to separate services on different SSIDs, so you can tune each SSID with different parameters/features depending on the type of traffic (Video, Voice, etc) or even type of users (corporate, guests, etc.) In this case, just creating a separate SSID for the Chromecast you have seen an improvement since the type of traffic on this SSID is similar (multicast) and is more efficient for the AP to manage this as if there were different traffic scenarios (one user browsing, another user downloading a file, etc.).

Best Regards.

Contributor III
In particular, there might be less broadcast / multicast traffic on the second SSID (if its on a different vlan). But also, most chromecasts except the first generation (the one with the HDMI port in the body itself and not with a little cable) are dual-band.