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Chromebooks showing Host Name - not working for us

New Contributor
We have assigned DPSKs to Chromebooks. They log on, share MAC address with Ruckus server, but the host name that we assigned comes up as blank. Any ideas as to how to fix this?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Jeff,

Just to be sure, are you looking for host name of chromebooks at ?

If yes, then usually this is supplied by devices during DHCP DORA process. May be Chromebooks are NOT supplying them

Please confirm the firmware version running on the controller.

New Contributor
We are looking at Monitor-Wireless clients, after we have generated the psk, logged on with CB and logged the MAC address. We can see it in generated psk, but not in Wireless clients when the CB is turned on.

Here is info on the server: Your current software version is build 375

Thanks for your help.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi All,

Chromebook seems not flexible to set host name in Chrome OS and do not send it during the DHCP exchange.

Refer the below forum discussion and also refer the feature request which seems not yet fulfilled by Google yet.!category-topic/chromebook-central/tH6GoBFR0yc

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Thank you.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI