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Changing the login banner page for Guest authentication portal

New Contributor
Hi, Im quite paranoid with my network security, and to effect whenever possible I do not want users specially visitors or company guests to know the kind of brands/model I use in our network. Ruckus ZD is what I implement in my wireless facility. My question is, can I change the entire web access portal for Guest authentication portal? I can only change the Welcome message and the logo, but can I delete the "Powered by Ruckus Wireless" message below, and also change the entire page - background, color, etc.... the brand title below really isnt necessary its pure advertisement. I do this in other brands, can I also do this in Ruckus ZD?
I've been seeing the same concerns in some forums in this site and other sites as well and still left unanswered some for about 8 months and even a year, honestly I'm beginning to loose confidence because of this I just hope that I can resolve this with your help at the soonest possible time, otherwise Im thinking of replacing the entire facility next year.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Wyatt,

Answer is no at this time and NOT sure if this is being addressed in coming versions or not. Your Concern is understandable and valid to me. they should allow to configure or make changes.

You shall discuss this with your regional Ruckus System engineer so that i can be brought to the attention of product team.

Best of luck.

Valued Contributor II
From my point of view this concern is not really valid. Portal design may be nice to be more customizable, but it is nothing to do with security:

1. WEB authenticated WLANs are not secure at all, as they have no encryption.
2. Security of all Wi-Fi systems is standardized, so there is no much difference what exact brand you have, they all work exactly same way from security point of view. Exceptions are some vulnerable versions, but you must not use them anyway.
3. Anybody can identify wireless equipment used just by it BSSID (MAC address) -- you even don't need to be technically savvy, any WiFi detection utility shows equipment brand automatically. And no, you can't change MAC for Ruckus AP, if it is your next question.
Anyway, you can make your own splash page with any design you want, you just need to host it somewhere else, not on controller. We actually use Intel NUC boxes with dual-core CPU to host WISPR and to provide any customizations and additional functionality we need, it is just about 10x10x5 cm in size, but is a fully functional PC, not some limited Atom appliance.

Esteemed Contributor II
Everything Eizens says is correct.

If you want full control over the portal page (logo/msg/etc), use WiSPR instead of
ZD internal Guest Access.