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Centralize Log Viewers/Analyzers

New Contributor
What centralized log viewers/analyzers is ZoneDirector compatible with? Is anyone using a centralize log server/analyzer (e.g. logrythms)?

New Contributor II
thank you, done

Valued Contributor
Point ZD at syslog machines IP.

The IP you first mentioned (my ip windows : is not what you have put in your screenshot.

Back to "do not get confused".

IP of machine running syslog watcher must be the one you enter into the ZD config page.

Basic stuff: on syslog watcher pc
start run cmd... ipconfig to find your ip

while in cmd prompt check you can ping ZD from syslog watcher pc.

Are they in same subnet (if not they will not see each other...unless you put some routing rules in or play with masks...shouldn't be necessary).

Have fun.

New Contributor III
My curiousity got the better of me and I set up the syslog server. There are many ERRORs being logged - the majority of them to do with acsrvc_receive() message.

Any ideas what this means, the cause and the cure?

New Contributor III
Well in fact - despite being flagged as an ERROR it seems it is benign enough!

When a client roams from AP1 to AP2 then AP1 will send a log message as shown below.

acsrvc_receive():88:32:9b:aa:a1:88 station of VAP c0:8a:de:3c:e0:e8, last stats reported from unmatched VAP c0:8a:de:38:86:08

This log can simply be ignored as this is not harmful.

Perhaps Ruckus should re-classify this as an INFO alert instead of ERROR