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Cant find ZD1200 on network after resetting

New Contributor
We cant get back into our ZD1200 after resetting. Tried, the old ip address, and any ip address in the dhcp range. Any ideas how to get in?

Valued Contributor
Hi Martin,

Normally when there is a DHCP server in the network segment which the ZD can reach it will get an IP Address from it.
As you have checked that, please use the alternative way, which is the console cable.

Kind regards

Or lease an IP for the ZD's MAC Address on the DHCP's configuration and use that IP.

New Contributor
Hi all,

I have the same question.

I can enter the command prompt using console cable. But failed to connect to the web access page after resetting too.

I couldn't find the on network place too.

Please see if there is any idea on it.

Thanks a lot.