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Can't connect to ZD1100 due to IP issues

New Contributor

So I have recently factory-reset my ruckus ZD1100, connected it to my computer via ethernet, but my computer cannot detect it. It does not show up in the network discovery center, I can't connect to, and when I diagnose it, it says that it does not have a configured IP address, although I have configured DHCP on my computer.

All help is appreciated.


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Matthew,

Did you try configuring your PC with a static IP in the same subnet as the ZD default 192.168.0.x ie

The Zone Director itself will not provide IP's to the PC when factory defaulted - the ZD DHCP server option is disabled by default.

You could also connect both the PC and ZD to a network with DHCP.  When factory defaulted the ZD will have DHCP client enabled and should get an IP from the DHCP server.  With plug and play services enabled on PC the ZD should be discovered, or verify the address given to the ZD from the DHCP server lease table.

I hope this helps.