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Can I revert my R700s back to standalone without a support contract?

New Contributor III

I installed a Zone Director 3000 and it changed the stand-alone firmware

to ZD firmware. This is just for home so a support contract is rather prohibitive.

Can I revert the R700s that got changed from Stand-Alone to Zone Director

firmware back to Stand-Alone? For example, it would be reasonable if doing

a R700 hardware reset would undo the Zone Director 3000 firmware change and

put the R700 access point back to the default hardware firmware and go back

to using the R700 without a Zone Director.

-piet delaney

Piet Delaney

New Contributor III

So far all of the R700s seem to revert back to standalone FW on a factory reset.

Made life easy. Thanks.

Piet Delaney