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Built in DHCP for guest SSID

New Contributor II
Would be nice to have to ZD supply DHCP for guest SSID's so you don't have to use up your production network IP addresses. With all of the BYOD stuff you can run short. I know that Vlanning is one way but for those who do not have that ability this would be nice. Just saying that the competition has a controller that will do this.

Valued Contributor II
Yes, its good to have feature. I hope product team is listening.

New Contributor II
I do this on a ZD1106 without a problem

Can you tell me how you are getting the ZD to handle DHCP for just the guest network and give them access to the internet and let the production network get it's DHCP address from the domain server?

New Contributor II
I use DHCP reservations only on my in house servers with no available free DHCP addresses in the scope. That way the only devices that get DHCP addresses from them are pre-configured devices I want on my work subnets 192.168.0.XXX - > 192.168.3.XXX. I let the ZD hand out addresses in subnets 192.168.4.XXX -> 192.168.5.XXX for everything else (ZD has a 500 max capability). Firewall rules help keep the traffic isolated.