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Bug: ZoneDirector + TACACS = password with space not work

New Contributor II
I have ZoneDirector build 232. It is configured with TACACS+. TACACS+ server is tac_plus, with AD backend through PAM on RedHat Linux. I would say that is fairly common setup. TACACS+ is working completely fine in all Cisco devices for all users.

But on ZoneDirector all users who have a space character in their password cannot login. I have tested this and it is a bug in ZoneDirector - space character in password prevents login.

Password like this works (user can login through TACACS+):
Password like this and the user cannot login:
P@s w0rd

The only difference is the space character in the middle of the password.

It is very annoying since we have a long-standing company password policy that encourages the usage of long passphrases and not those difficult and not-so-secure "complex passwords".

Valued Contributor
Hi Donald,

If you think this is a bug, then please open a case via so that the support team can have a look at it.

Kind regards