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Best meshing AP

I have a bunch of 7363's and while the mesh works great if the AP's can connect to each other, I haven't been real impressed with the physical range of the meshing functionality. I believe the mesh is only on 5 GHz, so it makes sense that it won't reach as far as 2.9, but even so, it hasn't been really impressive. I have all radios cranked up to 100% output power. I have a couple 7363's by windows in neighboring houses, about 100 feet apart, with basically line of sight, and they have trouble connecting to each other via mesh.
If there is another indoor AP that has better range for meshing, would it be the highest numbered model of AP, or is there a specific model that may not be the flagship/most expensive AP, but is built more to facilitate meshing?
The Zonedirector allows for an "auto" mesh setting, and also allows for "root AP" and "mesh AP" configuration. Do these settings have any difference in the mesh performance?
Thanks for any reply.

New Contributor II
Hi Mark,
The command is done at the controller via SSH:

ruckus# debug
ruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli -A "set band-steering mesh-ap enable"
---- Command 'rkscli -c "set band-steering mesh-ap enable "' executed at 04:4f:a
---- Command Execution Summary:
success: 1
failure: 0
total: 1
remote_ap_cli -A "set band-steering mesh-ap enable"

New Contributor III
thanks for the info. Very useful.