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Automatic download of ZoneDirector config

New Contributor
I need to set up automatic backups of our ZoneDirector configs as they're sufficiently complex that I really don't want to ever have to redo them from scratch.  I couldn't find any way to download the binary config files except through the web interface -- am I missing anything obvious?

I've written a small shell script that uses curl to login to the ZD and download the config file.  I've tested with 9.8.2 on a ZD5000, but because the URLs may change, it may well need tweaking for future versions of the software.  I've set up a cron job to run it daily.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi David,

   Beside the WebUI method of saving a ZoneDirector backup, you can also save and send it
to a TFTP server from the ZD CLI debug mode.  I'm not sure, but if you can script this, it could
be executed by cron on a daily/weekly basis.

New Contributor
Hi Michael,

Thanks, I hadn't found that.  If only there was a way to get the TFTP transfer to happen on a scheduled basis, that'd solve my problem quite neatly.  One could script it with expect, like this, I guess:

Contributor III

Yes. There's a "--debug" flag in ruckusconf that puts the controller into debug mode.
Then you can add a "--command" option to run anything you'd type into the controller's commandline.

(like whatever command kicks off a TFTP transfer)

note: even though a "regular" ruckusconf config download can't be re-entered into the controller, it could be useful to download it on a scheduled basis so that you could do a "diff" between config versions and use that as a primitive change-control solution.