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Apple TV Wireless Domain Authentication

New Contributor II
Hello everyone, I was having some trouble with our Apple TV and iPad combos.

The issue is this, we are a school district so we have the Wireless network configured for domain authentication for our teachers and staff.

The problem is we have not figured out a way to authenticate with the teachers credentials onto the Apple TV itself or possibly a way to bypass this step within the Ruckus controller so that we can see Apple TV and so that it doesn't have to authenticate with the controller.

New Contributor III
We use WPA2 Enterprise and authenticate our AppleTV devices the same way as staff and students. I don't set them up myself but from what I gather you must use configurator and configure a wireless profile for the AppleTV otherwise it does not know how to handle WPA2 Enterprise networks. Just make sure your AppleTV firmware is up to date because older versions would not connect to our network because when the AppleTVs lost power their time was reset to 1970 invalidating our certificates used for PEAP. Also because the AppleTV will not let you enter the credentials directly on the unit and it must be in the profile you might want to create an account dedicated for the AppleTVs. We use 1 generic account for all AppleTVs to keep them grouped together

Just an FYI we used to have a hidden AppleTV WLAN restricted using MAC addresses but got rid of it once Apple released updated allowing the use of WPA2 Enterprise.

New Contributor II
Well you see we actually don't run any other Apple products in our district other than iPad's and Apple TV's so unfortunately configurator isn't much of an option for us. We are a windows only district. Is there a way to do MAC authentication on the Apple TV's and have a way to bypass domain credential log in within the Ruckus Controller?