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Anyone using Cacti?

New Contributor II
I am running Cacti for monitoring our network, and would like to monitor the Zone Director as well. What I'm running into is that there are no Cacti templates out there and I'm not comfortable building my own. Has anybody built a Cacti template that monitors the ZD or APs?

New Contributor III
Hi Joel, 

Thank you about your suggestion. The problem has been fix since I change the CF Type from "LAST" to "AVERAGE". 

But I have found some unactive OID, I did snmpwalk but the result was not OK. So, it make the graphs didn't display properly. 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c46b135b77e247a77d80_b774f860a81448c376a1827d271a9bc0_RackMultipart2015100218677cn7s-b7651c02-2089-4575-8349-b4bf4559279e-1271020141.jpg1443751736

The OID is:
APs Total - result: NOK
All Clients - result: NOK

Do you know how to fix it? I tried looking the SNMP OID from ruckus SNMP reference guide, but I have not found yet which OID should be used.


I don't have much of an idea of what is wrong with the graphs you show as mine do not have this problem. I'm not an SNMP/Cacti expert and also do not know what "NOK" means as a result.

Sorry I can't be more help.

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Yes, the graph is showing normal in my ZD ver 1100 but not in ZD1000. And I thought that is also working normal for ZD1100 above version, cmiiw

I didnt know why that could be happened, Then i did snmpwalk of these APs Total OID and  All Clients  OID And the result was Not OK, "NOK". 
Sorry for misunderstanding. 

So, now i am still looking for exact for those OID. 
Maybe someone here knows how to work with that issue?

New Contributor
Hi everyone,

we have been using Cacti for over a year now to monitor our ZD1200's. As we have recently started using the Smartzone 100 as well. I wanted to monitor it with Cacti.

I have successfully made a template for the SZ100 with FW 3.1 and later.

A link to the profile on our website:

It can render data about the total registered APs and total concurrent stations/clients.
Sadly there is no SNMP data entry for the amount of connected APs or Root/Mesh APs, otherwise I could add those to give more differentiation.

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Hi all!
Does anybody can share the ruckus template for cacti?
In this topic I found 2 links, but none of them works.
First link:
Second link: