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Anyone using Cacti?

New Contributor II
I am running Cacti for monitoring our network, and would like to monitor the Zone Director as well. What I'm running into is that there are no Cacti templates out there and I'm not comfortable building my own. Has anybody built a Cacti template that monitors the ZD or APs?

New Contributor II
Good afternoon people.
At one time concludes my goal to manage to collect the users connected to each AP at Ruckus .
After trying both decided to follow a tip in a post on another tópicp from right here .

Ran a GET SNMP directly on the controller with the following OIDS ,

get the description of each AP - .
and also
Users get connected - .

As I passed the values ​​for a notebook was only associate the AP name in the same sequence of each connected User query.

Thus I managed to make several graphics and widened my monitoring with Zabbix .

Actually my template was very good and I can now view in real time all my wirelles environment.

Thanks for personal assistance without you guys would not be possible to my success in this project

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I've found a Ruckus template for Cacti from this website , but when I added a new Host on cacti using those template. I got the following snmp error.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c422135b77e24797d53e_40efa3b086255ad1a6735f137e55e184_RackMultipart2015092515499kcfc-e27902e8-a112-4eaf-9576-627f743ecfc8-898459155.jpg1443168211

Anyone could help me how to fix this?

ZD1000 ver 9.3
ZF7343 ver 9.3
cacti  ver 0.8.8c

New Contributor II
On your zonedirector:  Configure -> System.  Scroll to the bottom and expand "Network Management".  Make sure the SNMPv2 Agent is enabled and the SNMP community (specifically RO) match the ones you are using in the Cacti host device you are trying to add.

In Cacti "SNMP Error" can mean a lot of different things, but is basically is a connection failure.  It means either the target host is not online, is not running SNMP, or the settings are mis-matched.  If there is a firewall between your ZD and Cacti this could be the problem also.


New Contributor III
Thanks joel for your response. And the problem already fix, i've forgotten to open the ACL control access. 

But anyway, after i put the ZD host template. Then I chose several graphs which I want to be shown in my cacti, but It is not showing all graphs which i chose.
The shown graphs only 'APs' and 'Authed Clients', and the rest is not shown.

Have any suggestion why that could be happen? 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c46b135b77e247a766a7_fcb29700ff933d4d5ec2c7808c928ef4_RackMultipart2015093059071atfe-0d499b96-dae6-47bd-9d20-02741851b107-1124291755.jpg1443594196
Image_ images_messages_5f91c46b135b77e247a766a7_30b2b0e573ee2c49d179de3ad9c60e18_RackMultipart2015093015687ltjz-9ecca8a5-0501-4d16-9c5f-abb7425eb124-1732829056.jpg1443594347

Thank you,

Some other users have posted strange issues similar to this in the thread on the cacti forum:  (I'm not able to reproduce this issue on my own Cacti and thus have not changed the templates)
Their solution is to edit the graph templates to change the CF Type of the AREA/LINE objects from "LAST" to "AVERAGE".

Here's an example of how to do that:
In Cacti, go to "Console" -> Graph Templates (under the Templates heading) -> Click on one of the templates that is broken on your system (like "Ruckus ZD 3000 - CPU") -> Click on the "Area" item #1. Change CF Type from "LAST" to "AVERAGE" and click save.

If this fixes your graph(s) then it is the same problem.  If not, you may need to run the graph(s) in debug mode to see if there are other errors.
Or you may need to look at the "data templates" that are associated with each graph, then find the OID and do a snmpwalk against it to verify that it is still a valid OID for your Zone Director (for example, the OID for CPU is defined as "." in the "Ruckus AP - CPU" data template).