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Anyone using Cacti?

New Contributor II
I am running Cacti for monitoring our network, and would like to monitor the Zone Director as well. What I'm running into is that there are no Cacti templates out there and I'm not comfortable building my own. Has anybody built a Cacti template that monitors the ZD or APs?

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus can provide the ZoneFlex MIBs, but cannot help with any 3rd party products.
Contact your SE or VAR to submit a feature request on your behalf, as they are the
only ones who can interface with the product marketing managers, who make the
decisions to support products like Cacti, Orion, etc.

New Contributor II
I have already expressed my disappointment in the reporting tool to my VAR. The reason I'm looking at Cacti is so I can have reporting beyond 24-hours. Hopefully someone in the Cacti community can help develop the config files.

There's a "suite" of off-box tools here:
(bandperclient, getruckus, zdroamers and ruckusconf)

None of them do what Cacti does but if you're willing to set up your own syslog server and configure it to rotate/maintain logs, it may help.

Valued Contributor II
John, we also have a tool called FlexMaster which I believe goes to 30-days history. It sounds like you don't already have Cacti as an incumbent NMS, and FlexMaster can provide services that go beyond what SNMP can provide. If you have a small network, there's a 10-device "demo" version available on our website (the VM has FlexMaster pre-installed on Centos)