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Any issues with Chromebooks? We're seeing a few cases come in, but nothing definitive yet.

Valued Contributor II
Checking in with Google, there appear to be some pervasive wifi issues with Chromebooks - particularly the Samsung models. Note that we don't support ChromeOS specifically with Zero-IT (yet).

Contributor II
I had an issue with Chromebook having problem connecting when a wlan service was broadcast on both 2.4 and 5 GHz band. Putting a "Chromebook" wlan service on either band resolved the issue.

Note the issue appeared in the last Chromebook OS update a month or so back, about April/May time frame.

New Contributor II
I see an issue where LENOVA Chrome books running chrome version 25.0.1364.97 were not able to connect to any WLAN ( with or without authentication)

Creating a WLAN with only 2.4Ghz helped to connect to 2.4Ghz! Still they were not able to connect with WLAN only with 5Ghz.

Updating to the BETA channel which runs chrome software version
28.0.1500.35 RESOLVED the Issue. Lenovo Chrome books got connected to 5Ghz as well.

New Contributor
We are using the Acer C710 series Chromebook. We are getting a lot of:

Network Connection Error
Failed to connect to network "our SSID": DHCP lookup failed.

Connecting to both an open SSID and one with a pre-shared key. Seems to affect us mostly when using the 7962 AP's, and not as much on the 7982's.

Our firmware is on 9.5.1, but we'll try updating to 9.6.1 on Friday to see if that helps.

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We get the same issue with 7962s and Chrome OS. They are able to connect to 7363s with no issues. I have updated the FW to build 267 with no change. Doesn't matter if it's Open authentication and no encryption or if its Open with encryption. Doesn't matter. I have a case open with Ruckus right now and I have provided them some debug information. Hopefully we find a fix soon.