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Announcement: ZD (MR3 Refresh7) is available on Support

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus developers have finished a new bug fix update for ZoneDirector models
ZD1200, ZD3000, ZD5000.  Release Notes, firmware images, and MIBs are now
available on Support portal at these links for you to share with your Partners and
Customers who have need on these platforms.

ZoneDirector 9.12.3 (MR3 Refresh7) Release Notes:


ZD1200 (MR3 Refresh7) Software Release:


ZD3000 (MR3 Refresh7) Software Release:


ZD5000 (MR3 Refresh7) Software Release:


ZoneDirector (MR3 Refresh7) SNMP MIBs(.zip):

Contributor II
Hi Michael,
thank you for the Information.

but, recommended Firmware for ZD1200 is: should we downgrade now?
i have the (first on list of firmearedownload) installed, should i downgrade?
when i downgrade i loose all the settings.

what is the sense of this upgrade?


Some networks cannot update to a 10.x release due to hardware limitations, such as any network with 7363 APs.  This is for legacy networks, and would not be recommended for your setup.