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Announcement: ZD (MR2 Refresh) is available on Support

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus is pleased to announce ZoneFlex (MR2 Refresh) is now available for download
from the Support portal at these URLs for ZD5000*, ZD3000, ZD1200, ZD1100* (*EoL'd but still under
sw support). 

Added features include Zero-IT for Android 5.0 and 5.1, and Client fingerprinting for Android 6.0, iOS 9,
Win10 and Win 10 mobile.

ZoneFlex9. MR2 Refresh Release Notes:


ZD5000 MR2 Refresh Software Release:


ZD3000 MR2 Refresh SoftwareRelease:


ZD1200 MR2 Refresh SoftwareRelease:


ZD1100 MR2 Refresh Softwa reRelease:


ZoneFlex9. MR2 Refresh MIBs and OID update info:

Cool. But trying to download, I get an error message from amazonaws services. I'm using Edge. Then I tried with Firefox, and that worked just fine. I'm posting this as an FYI for others.

Thanks for the Heads-Up!