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Guest access not working after 9.7 upgrade

After my upgrade to 9.7 Guess pass/ Guess access no longer works. When connecting to the guest SSID it connects but the authentication web page fails to load.

Upon trying to access external outside resources via web browser I get a redirect as expected but it redirects to here:

This doesn't work so well.

If I type in the URL it also fails. If I type in the IPaddress/guestpass it works for one of the IP addresses (I'm running smart redundancy on my 1100's).

For troubleshooting steps I've failed over to the other ZD (to change primary) - no change. I've also rebooted both ZD's - no change.

Any suggestions?

Anyone else encounter this?


Valued Contributor II
This looks like a confirmed bug. The workaround is as you've discovered, but in a SR topology it's obviously not ideal. If you open a support case, we can let you know when other fixes are available. Downgrade to 9.6 corrects the issue if you don't need any of the features in 9.7

I was hesitant moving forward with this upgrade. I even called support the night I performed the upgrade (1-9-2014) and was not warned about guest access by the technician. I was watching the forums, I had read all the release notes, the upgrade documents, etc... and there was no mention of guest access issues.

Also I realized I typed the URL incorrectly above it should be: IPADDRESS/user/index.jsp NOT IPADDRESS/guestpass.

Is there a way to get a list of identified bugs before upgrading?

Is there any kind of an ETA on an patch version? I really don't want to roll back to 9.5.1 and then upgrade again to 9.6.x . Also again I don't know what bugs I'd be inheriting with 9.6.x

Thanks for the warning! I am not sure that I can downgrade in my present climate, so will have to get a workaround. ETA of fix would be appreciated, Keith! 🙂

Valued Contributor II
Ouch, sorry about that. You did your upgrade almost exactly when engineering was able to confirm the bug (timestamp of the update..1/9/14 11:57pm).

Right now, for 9.7, I'm aware of 2, and this (above) is the only "serious" one I am aware of for ZD controlled systems.

Please open a support case so we can aggregate the requests and work on getting a "patch" available (a patch is an issue-specific build with basic quality tests, but not full regression, an MR is a fully tested build that will contain multiple patches). The first MR of 9.7 is still some weeks away.