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Announcement: Ruckus Unleashed controller-less WiFi architecture

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus Wireless today announces release of a new product line, Ruckus Unleashed. 

Custom designed for small to medium sized businesses, Unleashed provides a controller-less

AP network of up to 25 APs, with simple setup and administration thru a new WebUI.

With initial support for R500 / R600 802.11ac model APs, Ruckus has automated firmware

upgrades and connectivity, and provides many of the same advanced features of a

ZoneDirector managed wireless network including Guest Access, WiSPr/HotSpot, Zero-IT,

Dynamic PSK, L2-L4 Access lists, client isolation, Application recognition and control,

and RF management (BeamFlex, Client load-balancing, Background Scanning, Band

balancing, ChannelFly).

Visit the Ruckus Unleashed product page, which contains links to Training Videos,

Release Notes, AP firmware, and Quick Start Guides.


New Contributor
Just tried it out on a R500... Missing snmp configuration. Will that be added later on, or is it just me having a hard time finding it...?

Correct that there's no SNMP, and not sure if it's on the Unleashed roadmap.

No SmartMesh and SmartRoam in initial release, but these features are expected in upcoming updates.

Yes, SNMP is on the roadmap for near term delivery (before the end of the year)

New Contributor II
I know it support maximum upto 25 AP but how many number of ap do you recommend ??
and AP Unleashed can converse to controller-based like some vendor?