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Announcement: End of Life for ZD1100

Esteemed Contributor II
As Ruckus development has employed newer more capable radio
components, and

added more memory and CPU resources to our ZoneDirector and
Access Point product

lines, the earlier and less capable products are gradually
being discontinued. 


Recent End of Life announcements have been posted regarding ZD1100
model controller,

ZoneFlex 7363/7343/7341/7441 and SmartCell 8800 model access
points.  These products

will not be available for sale after September 30, 2015.  Please see the EoL notices for the

details on firmware and replacement support.

Valued Contributor II
This is totally understandable and has felt like it's been coming for a while given the limitations of the ZD1100...

One thing that caught my eye in the EOL notice is that 9.10 is going to be the last firmware for ZD1100. Can you comment on what the remaining roadmap looks like for the 9.10 release?

Namely, DFS is still missing from R500/R600 on 9.10 GA, even though the Class II Permissive Change Request was just filed with the FCC, so presumably enabling DFS is still in the works.

Also, there's no Airtime Fairness or WLAN prioritization for any 802.11ac AP yet. If the ZD1100 goes EOL with no plans to add these capabilities to the firmware, that'd be kind of unfortunate, considering that these feature(s) were on the datasheet for these AP's, and the ZD1200 wasn't  available at the time these 802.11ac AP's were introduced.

Does Ruckus (or its resellers) offer any sort of trade-up / upgrade program for new ZD models? I remember something was offered for AP's when the R700 was introduced.

New Contributor III
Hi John - thank you for the honest feedback. Your concerns have been heard. Please stay tuned, we'll get back to you ASAP

Valued Contributor II
Thanks! You guys rock 🙂

Contributor III

i have many ZD1100 with ZeroIT in use.
If the last Firmware Version is 9.10 how will be the OS Support for ZeroIT?
For what timeline will new OS Versions for ZeroIT implement within the 9.10 Firmware?

Kind Regards