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Alarm Settings on ZD3050 Firmware build 15

New Contributor II
When setting up the email notification, I cannot get the SMTP setting to work. I have tried many email accounts all fail when doing test. I have checked router to make sure nothing is blocking port SMTP port and router is not the problem. I am Network ADMIN for ISP and we have double checked everything. Has anyone else had a problem getting this to work?

New Contributor II
Last Month when i set this up I was able to get this to work with same settings. The olny thing different was a firmware upgrade.

This is what the email said last month when I got it working...

"An alarm 'testing alarm' was triggered.

This is an alarm test."

Are you getting just a "Failed!!" message? I do see a bug related to IPv6 and IPv4 being enabled (still open unfortunately). Disabling IPv6 allowed the setup to work so if that's possible would be a good test.

Valued Contributor II
Check the DNS settings on the ZoneDirector - it may be having trouble resolving your SMTP server.

This is the FIX folks!!! Can use my gmail account now.